psst...we've got a fresh new 45 coming in June.

We're just workin' with the Freaks to get the funk formula all fantastic feelin'

more details soon patient people...

**UPDATE (May 15, 2014): 

So it appears that the pressing plant we chose to use on this press has dropped the proverbial ball.  They spoke to us about broken stampers, issues with staffing and all sorts of other stuff to explain the delay that has been so long that it should be given a name, like a period of time in the Earth's existence.  Anyway, the long and short of it is this: we're experiencing delays, and we have decided to blame Jack White for budding in line at the plant and for creating these headaches for us.  We're sorry, but the funk will be embalmed in 7" of wax soon, and we can promise that it'll be worth the wait!

be well,