hey, so we're Kept Records.

We're based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  We wrote "Canada" after Calgary, because we assume you have no idea where Calgary is.  We're not offended, and if really want to know more, you can knock yourself out as you learn about our +1 million population, the fact that our fine city hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988 and more...

Anyway, we put out records.  Straight-up original funk and afro-inspired cuts that are made for turntables and dance floors alike.  Pressed in short runs, these records are for people who love good music, just like you citizen!  So check us out, and we hope you like what you hear.

Stream all of the cuts we've released via Soundcloud, score the records via our store and find us musing on Twitter.  You'll notice we're not on you'll have to write us a letter or something to let us you know that you "like" what we're cookin'.

In the meantime, enjoy these "embalmed sounds, for your listenin' & dancin' pleasure"


man in charge
Kept Records
embalmed sounds for your listenin' & dancin' pleasure