hey people...

so we are happy to say that the next killer KEPT 45 will be shipping at the end of the month (Hard Proof, "Dragon" b/w "Tere") and that we are also in the midst of making plans for our debut full-length release on the label!

We appreciate the support we've received from all y'all since we came onto this wee-vinyl scene, and hope that we will continue to earn this support and your appreciation as we continue to grow. 

Remind your friends, colleagues, co-workers, co-conspirators and the guys at your local beer store that good music is made by and supported by good people, and that you are good people...and that they can be too (so they should really check out Kept Records...nudge, nudge).

Be well and keep on keepin' on, and we'll aim to keep putting records on your turntable!

- Dale