Hard Proof 
Dragon b/w Tere
Hard Proof tightly fuses sounds from sub-Saharan Africa with adventurous jazz and deep funk to stimulate your brain and move your feet.

Sub-Saharan sounds are fused with jazz and deep funk to produce two intense, dance-demanding rhythmic cuts on this fresh slab of wee wax.  The a-side is clear genre busting fusion of flavors: it's an afro'beat-down with brass bounce; it's an instrumental funk cut with jazz jump and cadenced kicks. It's big like a dragon, it's bad like a dragon, it is Dragon, and it's going set fire to dance floors with global intent.  
On the flipside cut, Tere, the burn is brought to a simmer, with the organ leading the track and bringing things to a swell as the horns hover on the surface of another straight-up burning instrumental.