we're working on the next KEPT platters for 2013, and in the meantime, you can get some ear nourishment from these goodies:

KPT-101 - Polyrhythmics The Imposter b/w Klompton

"The Imposter" is a rhythmic afro-funk number packed with so much groove that it is set to kick-off an “occupy the dancefloor” movement. The B-side (“Klompton”) is an equally infectious mover, and clearly showcases the deep and heavy funk of these northwest instrumental beat makers & guaranteed ass-shakers.

KPT-102 - Brownout - Flaximus b/w I Won't Lie

A one-two punch of slick brass horns, fuzz-tinged guitars and hypnotic rhythms, making this Kept Records release sound like it was born in a sun-baked psychedelic desert. “Flaximus” is a killer instrumental number that rumbles from hard hitting Latin funk through to bottom heavy psych-rock, while on the flipside, “I Won’t Lie” delivers a shot of ensemble vocals, with guitars loaded to the gills and no nonsense percussion, creating a groove that is set to pull you straight into the heat of the desert-psych-funk sounds of Brownout.

KPT-103 - Alpman - tintm b/w Hypnotic Redhead

Instrumental psychedelic moods and funk-inspired grooves create a whole new genre dubbed instrumental spychedelic funk. The a-side,tintm,”is a break-filled track, and although this is not Turkish music, the fuzzed-out bağlama inspired guitar riff cannot be unheard as it carries things to an absolute hypnotizing groove. On the flip, the groove comes quick, creating a hypnotic cut where you will hear flavours of trip-hop, spy and lounge music. This funk is like nothing you've heard before. This funk is fresh. This funk is hypnotic. This funk is instrumental "spychedelic."