It's official: KEPT Records and Brownout have partnered to give exclusive and limited release vinyl treatment to two absolute bangers from their Nat Geo Music debut.

Brownout deliver a one-two punch of slick brass horns, fuzz-tinged guitars and hypnotic rhythms, making this Kept Records release sound like it was born in a sun-baked psychedelic desert. “Flaximus” is a killer instrumental number that rumbles from hard hitting Latin funk through to bottom heavy psych-rock, while on the flipside, “I Won’t Lie” delivers a shot of ensemble vocals, with guitars loaded to the gills and no nonsense percussion, creating a groove that is set to pull you straight into the heat of the desert-psych-funk sounds of Brownout.
release date: June 12, 2012

note that this release is limited to 500 copies.

advance order available direct from the KEPT Records STORE now.